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Why is Sewer Cleaning So Important?

Not all household issues arising from plumbing problems are as frustrating as sewage problems. When a sewage build-up affects drains in the tub, toilet, or sink, you’re able to remove some of the clogs from the surface. Plungers in this regard are helpful but you only get to treat the symptoms with this level of intervention. A sewage build up is indicative of a blockage that is further along in the pipes.

What exactly happens when a drain or sewer gets clogged? The clogged substance causes water to stagnate in the traps. The water starts smelling like rotten eggs over time. This odor then releases into the air causing a very unpleasant experience. In addition, the clog causes the waste to accumulate and push back into the tubs and sinks. For example, when you flush the toilet the waste water runs down in the pipe where it builds up behind the obstruction point. The waste then backs up all the way to the drain and possibly overflows. This is when the situation takes the ugliest turn because you may see human waste flowing into your tubs, on the flow and perhaps in the sink as well. This requires you to not only get rid of the waste and the contaminated water but sterilize everything in the bathroom. The aftermath of a drain overflow is dreadful and very distressful.

Depending on how big the clog is, overflowing drains can flood water in every direction and onto everything it comes in contact with. You may feel you’d have to dispose of as many items as you can due to finding them beyond cleaning and repair. In fact, if the water seeps deep into the ground, your tiles and walls could sustain damage as well. If the overflowing has occurred upstairs, then it may damage the ceiling and leave horrendous stains behind. A simple overflow can cost up to a couple of thousands of dollars in repairs, considering the fact some household items cannot be sterilized once they’ve become badly exposed to sewage.

Taking preventative measures such as scheduling routine sewage cleaning and inspection can save you the potential cost of repairs and damages. This is why hiring sewer cleaning Chicago IL for drain cleaning is the only solution to reduce the risk of drain backing up. Cleaning the drain with cleaning chemicals that are toxic does not help as much. In fact, they rather damage the pipelines and the components in the long run. Toxic cleaners also do not reach far dawn in the pipelines, which means they only provide temporary fixes that fools you into thinking the problem’s been resolved. This causes the problem to deteriorate over time.

Even if you seek to disassemble part of your sewer line to reach the clog it is difficult to do without professional equipment and the skills necessary to undertake this. Plumbers can remove clogs by detecting the exact location they are present in. They have machinery that enables them to pinpoint the exact areas of problem without having to cut through concrete unnecessarily.

Sewer and drain overflowing can pose health problems. When it flows into the cracks and small spaces of your home, mold and bacteria can grow on it. These microorganisms are not visible to the naked eye and they thrive in moist conditions without you ever knowing. Human waste and grease is their nutrition that allows them to spread quickly. These microorganisms aren’t only harmful to your health but to the health of your pets as well. A proper sewer cleaning can prevent all of these health issues from arising.