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Cleaning Out and Planning a Move

When planning a move, it is always important to start preparing for the big day months in advance. Unless you have been living in a small apartment with few belongings, the work it takes to prepare for a move is usually significant. If a person is moving from an apartment or condominium and they have a significant number of belongings in their rooms, it is advisable to be certain to plan the packing process. Overall the packing process will usually take several months.

For people living in a four or five room apartment that have accumulated substantial amounts of furnishings and private belongings, it will take longer. In these cases, it may take up to six months in advance of the move to sort out and pack up. It is helpful to remember that the more belongings that need to be moved, the more expensive the move is. That is because the many moving companies denver residents count on for help in moving, base their fees on how many rooms are being moved. It is important to get estimates and secure a mover for moving well in advance to the actual move date. This will help you be better prepared in the pairing down process

People Moving from Home to Home

For people who own their own home that they have lived in for several years, the process for moving may take even longer. In these cases, it is helpful to look at all the potential resources that are available for getting rid of unwanted items. Usually there are several steps that can begin the cleaning out process.

One of the best solutions is to plan a garage sale or a tag sale . This can help clean out many belongings and help create the start of a good moving fund with the proceeds. In some cases, people may need to have several tag sales to get rid of excess belongings.

Donating Excess Belongings

Once this has been done, the items like furniture and household items that are remaining that need to be gotten rid of can be readily donated to a church for their annual tag sale. Additional sources for getting rid of items includes donating to the Salvation Army, the Goodwill, local charities that accept these types of donations and Disabled American Vets.

In some cases, local libraries take used books as donations to sell at their annual used book sale. The proceeds for these sales usually help to sponsor library activities. Any of these organizations are a great resource to get rid of items that may have value to others.

One of the great things about donating to places like the Salvation Army, the Goodwill and the Disabled American Vets is that they are often willing to pick up donated items. For people who are moving, this can be a big help. If they are called a week or so in advance, they will plan a day to arrive and take the belongings away if the amount of the donation is too big to deliver.