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Reasons for Using Rain Cups

It is worth noting that this water can be used for domestic use after it has been collected. Rain chains are mainly used to transport rainwater from the gutters to the storage tanks. They are used for decorative purposes. These chains can also be found in the temples. They are decorative cups made up of metal which are held together. Each of the cups has a hole at the bottom so that rainwater can quickly move from one cup to another. They are originally from Japan where they have been used for hundreds of years. Some of the advantages associated with the use of these cups are discussed below.


Most of these chains are made up of copper. Copper is known to be a very durable material. Additionally, it is firm compared to other materials like vinyl which are used in conventional gutters and downspout systems. That is not all. Copper is capable of being recycled. As such, it serves to preserve and protect the environment from pollution associated with the use of heavy metals. That strength is needed to handle rainwater which can make traditional gutters to break down.


Homes need to be beautiful. It is where human beings live. This calls for every aspect of the houses to be very attractive to the eyes. The chains serve this purpose very well. They are made up of copper which gives homes that beautiful look. Moreover, they come in many designs and give people a wide variety of options to choose from. When the rains water flows through them, it makes sweet musical sounds which many people find attractive. It is an essential aspect associated with these cups. The collection of rainwater should not be done for the sake of it. It should entail some form of beauty and elegant appearance. These chains serve to achieve this purpose which cannot be achieved by the traditional gutters.

Easy to Install

Harvesting rainwater needs not to be an expensive affair. Already homeowners and owners of buildings incur massive sums of money in the design and the construction of such structures. Moreover, more funds are used in landscaping in a bid to make the homes appear better. These cups assist in the harvesting of the rainwater and in improving the appearance of the compounds at no extra cost. They are simple and straightforward to install. One needs to ensure that the cups are arranged well so that the rainwater cannot miss the holes. In areas which experience a lot of winds, it is advisable to provide additional support to these cups.

Lower Maintenance Costs 

These cups require minimal maintenance. They are made up of durable materials which do not get damaged easily. Even if it oxidizes, it turns into a lovely color which does not compromise the quality and the strength of the chain in any way. It is worth noting that these chains do not get clogged easily as compared to the traditional gutters. As such, owners of buildings are not required to clean them under ordinary circumstances regularly.…