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The Sad Story of the Panic Bar and how they came into Existence

Many people do not think much of a building’s design. They simply believe that if a building is standing and has operable doors then it is a good place to be. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A lot of building codes have been established over the past 100 years to ensure that people are not losing their lives inside of unsound structures. One type of building code that has been enforced in modern times has to do with the push bar on doors. This structural feature became a reality in the late 1800s after 183 children lost their lives in very bad incident at a local concert hall in England.

The Victoria Hall Stampede

On June 16, 1883 there was a grand concert being given in the Sunderland, England. Wikipedia explains the events which took place on this fateful day. This particular event featured a popular kids traveling show. This production was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Fay. They were a married couple who were extremely popular in those days with the kids. People can compare them to a variety show that might be seen on Nickelodeon or the Disney Network. Their huge popularity caused thousands of kids from around the area to come out to the show. Kids came from all over Sutherland and from other parts of England (and Europe) to see them perform.

After the event was over, an announcement was made about prizes. Children who had specially marked tickets would receive a special prize once they existed the door of the concert hall. The concert hall was known as Victoria Hall. Some of the entertainers for the show started to hand out prizes. However, kids who were located on the top part of the concert hall did not want to miss out on the opportunity to grab some goodies. They came thundering down the steps without any parental or concert hall supervision. Once this happened it set off a chain reaction where all of the kids were trying to be the first ones to get a prize. This situation turned into a disaster.

The concert hall workers tried to slow the kids down but they couldn’t. They tried to keep them from stampeding the stage and directed them down a narrow hallway to a door where only one child could pass through at a time. Still, the kids were not controlled. Kids who surged toward the door which was only designed for person to get through at a time. However, the kids coming in droves through that small channel and the door was jammed with small children. The kids who were near the door were immediately crushed and lots more died behind them as the crowds pushed in. The concert hall workers and entertainers saved as many lives as they could but 183 young people died once the event was over.

The Implementation of the Push Bar

Many people all over England were outraged of this event. Wikipedia stated that Queen Victoria sent out condolences to parents and she required that no building would have doors that did not open all the way for occupants. Many people agreed to her request. The main thing that killed most of the children was the tight door that only allowed one child through at a time. Building designers reconfigured door handles and came up with the push bar feature. It has been included in most building designs all over the world to prevent tragic events like this from happening in the future. Panic bar exit devices Elmhurst IL are designed to prevent accidents like these as well.

A Final Word about Building Code Safety

Once again, building design is important to the safety of people. Having the right type of codes and features included on a building helps to save lives and to keep people from being seriously injured. Push bars and other structural safeguards ensure that another sad event like this one, will never take place.

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When is it time to get storage?

All of us have so much junk we have no clue what to do with it. We try our best to sort it out but it seems to grow even more as the years pass. We use our garage or a shed to hold most of this stuff that seems never ending. Often times we have to admit that we have way too much stuff, or we are seriously a hoarder. Whatever the case maybe, you will have to think about another way to store all of your personal belongings that is over taking you home. Most people are a bit hesitate to have these items miles away and can’t get to them immediately. However, you must consider a new storage option before it’s too late. Here are sometimes when you need to get storage.

Certain items

Not everything can fit in our house and it shouldn’t have to. That being said, you need to consider moving some of these items to a storage place where they can bring some relief to your house. Many people have a collection of items they’ve saved for years. The problem comes in when the collection has now covered your entire living room. This can be a bit much if you want to have guests over or throw a party. You’ll be freaked out every time someone handles any item from this collection in fear, they may damage its value. Take this kind of stuff to a storage unit and get it out of your house. You’ll be happy you did as they will be locked away in a safe and air conditioning environment.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, we either have personal belongings or we have junk that we can’t part with. This happens to all of us and we have to make a hard decision on what to do. The junk needs its own space so you can at least think about what to do with the rest of your belongings. Find a storage unit to hold this junk until you can get a handle on it. This helps the organization process and begin moving things to a storage place. You can find any self storage facility falmouth me in your area..


Running out of space is the first sign you need a storage unit. What happens over time is that we keep stacking stuff on top of stuff and now you have a mountain. Your space can be everything in your home. Knowing you have an open space to sit back and relax is comforting to the mind. When space is being taken up by junk, you are literally causing yourself emotional stress. You feel crammed into your once spacious home and can’t seem to get away from the pile that you’ve created. Do yourself a favor and begin unloading this to a storage facility. You’ll be glad you did once the space is cleared. It’ll feel like you just got back ownership of your home. You might be surprised you didn’t realize your house was that big once all of this stuff is gone.…